Do you need transportation to doctor appointments?

If you need to see a doctor, get a medical test or have physical therapy, but no way to get there? No worries, At Florida Medical transportation, our expert provides you the best services of non-emergency medical transportation such as transportation to doctor appointments, transportation from the hospital to home and many more.


Moreover, it’s easy to get to your health-care visits with affordable prices rides through the Florida Medical Transportation (FMT). FMT can help with rides to the doctor, dentist, hospital, drug store, and any other place you get non-emergency Medicaid services.

Apart from this, there may be a time when you have a loved one in the hospital. And, it may be a hospital your family does not like or it may be one who cannot deal with the medical needs of your family member and you want to move them. Therefore, in cases like this, there are non-emergency medical transport services which can transport your family member to the hospital of your choosing. Also, our non-emergency medical transport can help ensure your family member gets the necessary attention they need, like oxygen, when traveling to the hospital you want to use.

In addition, transporting to a different nursing home or hospital and to a medical appointment, FMT non-emergency medical transport can also transport your loved one to your new home. Besides, it does not matter if your new home is in a new city or a different state, our experienced transport can help ensure your loved one has a safe transport to your new home. Additionally, the drivers are trained in the basic medical needs the person might encounter along the trip.

Further, for the Clients, access to FMT services is often as easy as picking up the phone and telling us when and where they need to go, and what sort of accommodations need to be made (if any). Plus, our team then takes on the task of handling the details, including qualification, scheduling, and payment, which enables those in need of this significant service to just have at their appointed time in order to get the health check services they require.

Besides, Non-emergency medical transportation is a crucial element of healthcare that doesn’t often get discussed, however, which can literally make a difference in people’s lives and their recovery from illness or injury, and also for those seniors who aren’t able to transport themselves to their medical appointments. Therefore, if you are also one of them, just make one call to us, we will help you instantly.

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