Get effective, reliable and safe non-emergency wheelchair transportation.

Wheelchair Transport Services by Florida Medical Transportation is a proud non-emergency medical transportation service available for Central Florida, which is effective, reliable and safe non-emergency services providers.

Also, we can customize a plan that is competitive with other providers in the market. And, getting from here to there is a part of our everyday lives, as we depend on our legs, feet, sight, the strength of our muscles, and a million other factors we never take a moment to consider. However, whenever someone is ill, getting around isn’t so easy anymore.


FMT’s wheelchair transport service involves getting a patient to and from the source of medical care when the medical condition is not life-threatening. And, our commitment is to provide prompt, courteous yet affordable transportation services for hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities as well as health care networks that coordinate non-emergency medical transportation seems the ideal solution for the needs of their clients.

Moreover, we strive to provide professional door-to-door medical transportation, which is available to all people. Besides, our specialized transportation includes, but is not limited to, senior citizens, people using wheelchairs and parents and children with special needs. And, we assist clients from the time of pick-up to drop-off to make sure that they get there safely and on time!

Also, FMT deliver door-to-door wheelchair non-emergency transportation to medical appointments, treatments sessions including as follows:

  1. Dialysis
  2. Hospital Discharge
  3. Post-surgery visits
  4. Senior transport
  5. Behavioral health
  6. Routine doctors visits, Dental appointments
  7. Stroke & rehabilitative services
  8. Adult daycare services and more….

Additionally, we provide same-day or pre-scheduled service with full health safety. Besides, we maintain a staff of drivers and administrative personnel who reflect our standard of excellence. And, all employees undergo extensive background checks, pre-employment and drug/alcohol screening.

FMT’s drivers are licensed professionals and experienced they carry the patient with full safety. Florida Medical Transportation is a non-emergency medical transportation provider. Plus, we are committed to providing service to our customers, specializing in wheelchair and ambulatory transportation.

Interestingly, FMT provides professional door-to-door transportation services to the elderly and the disabled. Also, assisting clients from the time of pick-up to drop-off to make sure that they get there safely and in plenty of time.

Florida Medical Transportation is specialized in transportation for those who require a wheelchair. Hence, whenever you are in such a need call us and we will be there within a few minutes.

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