Grab the opportunity to travel anywhere in Central Florida with FMT

Woefully, if you or your dear ones are suffering from disabilities which become the reason that you may not able to drive, then no need to feel sad as Florida Medical Transportation furnishes you the best services of non-emergency medical transportation. We provide you with the foremost transportation anywhere in Central Florida whether it is related to your doctor appointment or to maybe visit to your dream place or for shopping.  So, if you are in need of any non-emergency services just make one call to grab the opportunity to travel where you want, we will provide instant service to you. Following are our main services:

  1. Non-Emergency Transportation: FMT’s Non-emergency medical transportation is a core solution to patient care access among populations facing transportation barriers. Therefore, if you are need of any kind of non-emergency services FMT seems the best idea to choose because we provide the ultimate service and with full physical safety, all within affordable prices.
  2. Transportation to and from doctor appointments: Don’t let transportation issues prevent you from getting the care you need. FMT assists you the safe, instant and comfortable services to and from the hospital as well as non-emergency transportation to doctor appointments.
  3. Wheelchair transportation services: FMT provides wheelchair transport for appointments with doctors, physical therapy, and chemotherapy and radiation treatments, in and out a patient hospital visit, adult care facilities, and other types of medical appointments.
  4. Transportation from hospital to home: We will help to make sure you get visit hospital on time and then get back home without any delay. FMT helps you get to and from your doctor’s appointments and other medical-related trips anywhere, just ask to make a call to us. Also, our drivers are trained aides who assist you inside and outside the vehicle, offering peace of mind for you and your family.

To sum up, FMT provides comfortable regular and reclining wheelchairs with different sizes according to the need of the particular client’s condition. Florida Medical Transportation rates are competitive and guaranteed the lowest in every ride. So, if you are in need of such kind of service, then get the assistance from us will be of a great idea, we also pick up from your door transport to the doctor and wait until you come back and drop you back with 100% physical safety to your home.


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