Need safe and instant transportation to doctor Appointments?

If you or someone you know is suffering from mobility issues or some various disabilities and not able to and from hospital or doctors, then Florida Medical transport assists you provide safe and instant non-emergency transportation to doctor appointments. We provide Door-to-door transportation services which are available for anyone who can’t use regular public transportation because of a disability. We pick our patient up, take them to the doctor’s office, wait for them until the visit is over and take them back home.

Door-to-door Non-Emergency medical transportation

Moreover, FMT has experienced and professional team who always ready to help our customers, we furnish you the fastest services with safety and all the comfort of the patient. Don’t let transportation issues prevent you from getting the care you need. Call us as soon as you make an appointment. We provide drivers who offer personal assistance (wheelchair help, help with the stretcher.) through a passenger's door and on through the door of their destination and back. FMT’s team members maintain the self-respect, personal dignity and physical safety of each customer. We work cooperatively with all other staff and relate favorably to consumers and families.

More significantly, we provide service from large hospitals to private clinics; we are experienced in meeting many healthcare protocols and requirements. We take pride in ensuring patients arrive on time and get home safely. Our team is available when you have a doctor appointment but you are not able to travel due to some disabilities. From implementing in-person assessments and travel training to encourage low-cost mode assignment, to introducing routing and scheduling efficiencies, FMT manages every aspect of the Non-Emergency Medical Transport programs we operate. We are truly your one-stop transportation solution.

Benefits provided by Florida Medical Transportation

1. Safe and fast service: FMT provides you fastest and safe service of non-emergency medical transportation. If you had an appointment with the doctor and are not able to and from the doctor due to mobility issues then we instantly drop you your location with 100% physical security and drop back to your home.
2. Cost Saving: With reduced funding and a rising demand for transportation, FMT helps clients do more with affordable service of non- emergency medical transportation.
3. Customer Service: FMT is leading customer satisfaction rates exceeding 95%. When you call for an appointment we instantly revert back and furnish you the best service immediately.


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