Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transportation

Wheelchair transportation is available for those who are bound to a wheelchair and need assistance getting to and from appointments. Florida Medical Transportation provides you the safe and instant service of non-emergency wheelchair transportation. As our non-emergency wheelchair transportation is more affordable as compared to other emergency transportation services.

Following are our two ways of transportation:

Disabled transportation

Transportation is provided for those unable to drive themselves to appointments or other events. We will pick up and return home safely from the appointment or event location.

Special Needs Transportation

We provide transportation to accommodate a variety of special needs that require an understanding of specific physical and emotional circumstances. Our interaction will be based on a person’s specific needs according to their capabilities and challenges

Moreover, we provide wheelchair transport for appointments with doctors, physical therapy, and chemotherapy and radiation treatments, in and out a patient hospital visit, adult care facilities, and other types of medical appointments.However, when you want to book non-emergency wheelchair transportation, the first thing comes in your mind is cost equation, but Florida Medical Transportation established our agency to assist our global clients in need, we make our services available for booking anytime at compatible rates. We treat passengers with respect, keep wait times to a minimum, show up on time and get to and from destinations in a timely fashion — all while ensuring the complete safety of our passengers.

In some cases, wheelchair transportation is temporary while someone is recovering from an accident, an injury, or an illness. However, there are other individuals who require ongoing transportation services. FMT take our responsibility to our clients very seriously. We genuinely care, and the passion that we have for what we do drives us to excellence.

In a nutshell, Florida Medical transportation involves getting a patient to and from the hospital when the medical condition in non-emergency. Florida Medical Transportation primarily goal is simple, that means to help our clients meet challenges that are often left unfulfilled as we strive to increase the well being of the populations we serve and achieve our ultimate vision of communities without barriers.


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