Safe and fastest Non- emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation is a core solution to patient care access among populations facing transportation barriers such as if you or some you know is suffering from mobility issues and won’t be able to visit the hospital for his checkup or for an appointment. In that case, Florida Medical Transportation assists you to provide you with non-emergency transportation. Just make a call; we will be there as soon as possible. Florida Medical Transportation assists you the safe, instant and comfortable services to and from the hospital as well as non-emergency transportation to doctor appointments.

Moreover, it’s not only the vulnerable portion of our populations that can be affected.  We could also be talking about to those who are normally healthy enough to get around but may be temporarily waylaid by an acute injury or surgery. Post-surgical patients aren’t allowed to drive until cleared by their healthcare provider, even if the surgery didn’t involve limbs or hands. Since surgery weakens muscles needed for driving a vehicle, and post-procedure pain medication may make driving illegal and unsafe, alternative arrangements need to be made. After all, getting to follow-up appointments is often crucial to recovery. FMT provides you the non-emergency transportation, in this case, we pick up from your door transport to the doctor and wait until you come back and drop you back with 100% physical safety to your home.

However, FMT not only helps you provide Door-to-door non- emergency medical transportation services which are available for anyone who can’t use regular public transportation because of a disability but also furnishes you the service to go to your other destination such as for shopping and for other attractive places in Central Florida. FMT’s prime goal is to provide adult patients with tenderhearted care and focusing on comfort every customer deserves. The most astonishing thing about us that we provide affordable services of Non-emergency medical transportation for the long distance as compared to any kind of ambulance or to be specific air ambulance and very useful to the patient as medical care and physical safety.

To sum up, FMT prime goal is to provide prompt, courteous yet affordable non-emergency wheelchair transportation services. Florida Medical Transportation is specialized in transportation to those who are in need of non-emergency transportations within affordable prices.


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