Non-Emergency Transportation

Safe, Reliable and Instant non-mergency transportation.

Florida Medical Transportation has provided safe, reliable and high-quality non-emergency medical transportation services. Also, we provide fully escorted door-to-door service for ambulatory, wheelchair and gurney customers. And, we operate a modern, fully ensured fleet of vehicles.  Our fleet consistently complies with yearly inspections.

You are important to us

Florida Medical Transportation works to provide our best transportation for non-emergency ambulatory and wheelchair services. Also, all our drivers are well prepared to assist you, have attended the course. FMT is a service-oriented company which caters to people in need of reliable transportation services.

Non-Emergency TransportationMoreover, Clients will enjoy a compassionate and safe environment with our friendly trained drivers who provide the help you need from pick-up to drop-off. FMT offers specialized non-emergency vans equipped to transport non-ambulatory/ disabled individuals to or from medical appointments.

Also, our expert driver transport patients in a reclined position via a stretcher.  And, our team of certified drivers and attendants will provide personal assistance and support with lifting from bed to stretcher and vice versa.

Well, our non-emergency medical transportation service for individuals who need to be transported in a lying down position but do not require emergency medical care. FMT has a team of compassionate, caring, committed staff that is equipped with the training and experience in providing the best level of service to patients. Our primary goal is committed to providing reliable, efficient, safe and affordable non-emergency medical transportation for patients in greater Florida.

To conclude, we are a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality. As its establishment, FMT has remained a central force in driving improvement throughout the health care system, assisting to elevate the issue of health care quality to the top of the national agenda.

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