Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Every people in the world require proper health care and attention. However, there are certain percentages of the population that face challenges related to medical appointments or transportation. Some people need to rely on one’s family, whereas some are depended on friends and various other local community organizers. Therefore, we are here with the immediate solution of non-emergency medical transport, to the people who are in the need of reaching the hospital for their appointment made with their prescribed doctors or may be for various other medical necessities.

​It can usually be defined as a transportation service provided to different individuals who are usually not in an emergency situation but are in need of assistance more than a taxi service is capable of providing. We are professionals and trained drivers for such vans and our services are specially equipped to help riders in wheelchairs, stretchers or with other special needs.

If you are in need of this kind of service, then you can contact us by visiting our office or can call us at 407-260-1230. We offer our customers with both standard vehicles as well as specialized vehicles in order to cover every range of non-emergency need. We offer our service to the needy with Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers, gurneys and the entire realm of non-emergency medical equipment that an individual may require to move from one place to the other without having much difficulty. We offer you the best-specialized service and help you to move independently without making you feel a burden for others.

For booking our service, you need to answer the following queries:

• The patient’s personal detail like that of the name, address, contact number.
• The time and date of the journey.
• Special requirements of the need, like that of a wheelchair or a walker.

These are some of the queries made so that we can offer the best service to the person in need. We have hundreds of needy who travel to and from with us and avail our medical services every week. We offer our customers with the best service and we make sure that we reach the appointed place on time and deliver the utmost support to the needy. We have skilled staffs and we make sure that the needy get the best service. The needy are assigned a van based upon the distance of the journey and the destination. Our aim is to reach the final destination with the least disturbance and stress to the patient. We know the importance of maintaining privacy and we treat our customers with dignity and respect. We believe in the right to privacy. We try and deliver the best service to our customers without fail.

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